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October Meeting Minutes


Members Present: 
Dr. Kennedy, Pres.; Carol Vickers, Sec.-Treas.; Greg Chaney, Kaye Ford, Sandy Huddleston, Sharon Parks 
Others Present: 
Thomas Baker, Building Manager; Allison Smith, City of Montgomery; Colt Sandoro, Region 3; Jeanne Smith, Bridge Valley Rep; and guest speakers Tim Taylor and Darrell Pepper with ConnecTrain 

Guest Speakers Tim Taylor and Darrell Pepper presented. They discussed ConnecTrain which is work force development pertaining to fiber. There is a rural need for broadband and a lack of technicians. They are securing grant monies for a pilot training at Bridge Valley. They have applied for EDA, ARC, and Kanawha County Commission for grant monies. ConnecTrain is an 8 week training program for low voltage, fiber optics. Their ARC grant has been delayed, but the EDC grant could come any time. These grants would be 2-3 years and Kanawha Commission grant would be for one year. The money is intended for coal impacted communities. So ConnecTrain is interested in our office space and could do training at our building. They would propose training in Montgomery. We would consider their rent cost to be the same as our previous tenants, Right Path. Thomas Baker will draft a letter of support for this program. 

Dr. Kennedy called the meeting to order. 

Dr. Kennedy made a motion to accept the Sept. minutes as presented. Kaye seconded. Motion carried. Minutes approved as presented. 

Colt Sandoro presented the financial report. Carol made a motion to accept the report. Sharon seconded. Motion carried. Financial report is attached to the minutes. Colt reported that Amy Talbert is taking care of the 990 form for the IRS. The IRS is processing our waiver. Colt has been unable to get an answer on when our grant commitment is over. Sandy may check at the county courthouse for the EDC deed. 

Old Business:
  • Jeanne Smith is now our Bridge Valley representative. 
  • Thomas Baker – building updates: 
    • ​He has purchased more ceiling tiles. 
    • Nitro Mechanical completed our fire alarm inspection. This company may also be interested in elevator work. 
    • Brookfield has its own high-tech system for fire alarms. Thomas will have them disconnect this system when they leave at year's end. 
    • Thomas is having difficulty getting cooperation from Bridge Valley concerning the locks on the first floor. He will reach out to George Bossy, Director of Facilities, supervisor. 
    • Thomas is talking with Ranger Scientific about office rental with the EDC for the 2022 year. Amy Talbert will draft a lease for Ranger. 
    • Elevator lights are working. Lights out front are working. 
  • Allison Smith - reported the Fayette County Comprehensive Plan is being updated. Public input is needed and she suggested we each complete the online survey. Allison suggested we host a Small Business Workshop next year at the EDC building. Allison will draft a proposal/agenda for our next meeting. Terrell Ellis is a contact for grants/training for small businesses. 
New Business: 
Membership Drive Sandy suggested we try to have a lawyer on our board. She will ask Brian Parsons if he knows of any attorney willing to do pro bono work for the EDC. The following entities were discussed as possible new members: 
  • Ranger Scientific 
  • Iron Beaver 
  • Marsico Brothers 
  • Sheryl Keenan from local newspaper 
We will have Amy Talbert draft a new membership letter. 

Meeting was adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted, Carol Vickers Sec.-Treas.