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December 2021 Council Meeting Minutes


Members Present: Dr. Kennedy, Pres.; Mayor Ingram, Vice Pres.; Carol Vickers, Sec.-Treas.; Les Thomas, Sharon Parks, Kaye Ford, Jeanne Smith, Sandy Huddleston 

Others Present: Allison Smith, Thomas Baker, Emily Hammond 

The Nov. minutes were approved with one correction. Jeanne Smith was present at the November meeting. 

Copies of financials were given out by Emily. Les made a motion to accept the report. Sandy seconded and motion carried. Additional comments concerning financials: 

  • Bridge Valley needs invoices for utilities from June-Oct. 2021 and they should come in January.

  • We currently do not have enough funds to pay for HVAC repairs. Thomas will email quotes to Emily to give to Amy Talbert.

  • Emily will be leaving in January but she will attempt to finish our website for Thomas to take over. 

Old Business: 

  • The EDC has received a certified letter from Brookfield ending their lease of office space ending Dec. 31, 2021.

  • A letter concerning the Baisi Center went to the Govenors office.

  • Les made a motion to begin asking rent from Ranger Scientific for $3,096.25 per month starting Jan. 1st 2022. Sandy seconded the motion. Motion carried. Thomas will write a contract. We can also offer Brookfield's office space for $4,800 per month.

  • Emily recommends we advertise for new members on our website and Facebook. Allison can help with this idea.

  • Thomas suggested we advertise our available office spaces on Zillow.

  • Right Path—Les contacted the Magistrate's office to pursue suing Right Path for nonpayment of rent. We can go through Circuit Court for $250. We need a copy of Right Path's lease. We would also sue for $30,000 for repairs of the office we completed for them. We would need two representatives to appear in court. Sandy made the motion to proceed with suing Right Path for the amount of $49,040.00 and all costs for the office remodel, plus interest. Les seconded. Motion carried. 

New Business:

  • We will send out invoices for membership dues in Jan. 2022 with dues being $100.

  • The EDC needs to decide on an increase in rent for Terry Abbott's office space. It was discussed verbally to increase the rent to $750 per month. We will put on Jan. agenda to discuss and finalize. Mr. Abbott's lease expires in Feb. 28, 2022. We should send a notice by Jan. 28th of his rental increasing to $750.

  • Bridge Valley had re-keyed 2 rooms in their space, the President's office and one HR room. Thomas does not have keys or access to these rooms. Jeanne will communicate with Dr. Sachs on this issue.

  • Allison discussed ideas to hold an event at the EDC building. She would like to bring in small businesses to see our office space. Mayor Ingram discussed moving Human Resources offices to the EDC building. Allison discussed renting space on an hourly basis to work in the building.

  • Thomas commented that the city is setting up internet fiber into city hall which could reach the EDC building in the future. It could end using Suddenlink. 

Meeting adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Carol Vickers